#127 - Geoweek @ USC, 2017 (Archived)

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Provide Geoweek 2017 @ USC Talamban, Cebu participants an opportunity to work on tasks that only require simple geometries and tags. This task only requires contributors to digitize highways, waterways, buildings in a remote settlement in Cebu City

MapAm❤re facilitates workshops in Open data and Free & Open tools to develop mapping skills and interests of volunteers, and create awareness in the power of technology at their disposal which they can use to help in community development , pre-disaster mapping, and other humanitarian activities.

Created by GOwin - Updated - Priority: low


Entities to Map
highways, waterways, buildings, and settlements
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#osmtm-project-127 #mapAmore #geoweek
When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".


  • Please trace highways, buildings and outline residential areas from the satellite images.
  • Residential areas often include groups of houses and residential buildings.
  • Each residential area should be a road linking to it, tagged as highway=unclassified or highway=tertiary.
  • All highways should connect with nearby highways, where possible.
  • If you find the task grid too big, use the "Split" link after you click "Start Mapping" to divide the task further.
  • When in doubt or uncertain with what to do, ask questions:
  • Ask a more experienced mapping buddy
  • Post a question at the OSMph FB group
  • Send an instant message to OSMph on Telegram

Most common Tags:

  • landuse=residential
  • building=yes
  • highway=unclassified
  • waterway=river or waterway=stream
  • natural=water, water=pond


  • Accurately draw the outlines of all the buildings you can find. The outline should be for the full size of the building even if it is partly covered by trees in the imagery.
  • For square or rectangular buildings, after drawing the outline, make sure you "square the corners". (iD users: use the s key. JOSM users: use the q key) > In the iD web editor, the first time you map a building you will use the "Building" category and then at the top of the list select "Building" again.


You will most often use the following "Road Features" and "Path Features" (iD Web Editor):

  • Primary Road, Secondary Road, Tertiary Road - Long, major roads that connect larger towns and cities (many of these are already mapped)
  • Minor/Unclassified - This is for roads that connect small villages and settlements (most commonly used road tag)
  • Residential Road - These are roads that are in settlements but only are used for access to houses and buildings.
  • Path - This is for small paths that are usually used by people on foot or 2 wheeled vehicles. They may or may not connect settlements or lead to farm fields, tagged as highway=path. Only map the major paths that connect to settlements or other roads.
  • Un-maintained Tracks - This is for roads that only lead to farm fields or forests, tagged as highway=track. They do not connect settlements or residential areas. (Not required for this project, but if you want to map you can)

See Philippine Mapping Conventions page for advice on tagging roads and other map features page for more info.

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